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Entering the work force as a dental assistant, I knew I wanted to work for the “best of the best”. I was fortunate enough to do just that as I spent a number of years working with Dr. Dan and his team. They are among the most talented individuals in the dental field. Being part of the team, I had confidence that each day we were providing patients personalized, exceptional dental care. Each team member has a passion for dentistry and is committed to extensive continuing education that contribute to their excellence. Their passion for dentistry is coupled with kind, gentle personalities that care about each patient’s individual circumstance and needs. After I moved into a different career field, I continue to choose Dr. Dan as my dentist because I know that he and his wonderful staff will take excellent care of me, and that I am receiving the best dental care possible. A big “Thank You” goes out to Dr. Dan and his team for giving me a smile I can be proud of!



"Great Staff"


If I could describe my mouth guard in just one word, it would be "WONDERFUL!" It has really changed my life. In addition to saving my teeth from the long term effects of "grinding", I no longer wake up with head and neck pain and I feel incredible relief when my jaw muscles relax within minutes of putting my mouth guard in. I really never want to go another day without it. In fact, I recently traveled to Texas for business and somehow forgot my mouth guard at home. Without thinking twice, I immediately called my sister and had her overnight it to the hotel I was staying at!

I want to thank Dr. Dan and his team for taking excellent care of me. Their attention to detail and passion for their patient's well being is amazing. Thank you! :)



"Nice, Friendly, Competent Staff"

-Emily and Eric

"I just wanted to take a moment to speak about my feelings towards you and your staff. Growing up I had a terrible time going to the dentist, and have nothing but awful feelings and memories of being at the dentist. I have anxiety issues that I have been on medication for, for the majority of my life, but never could seem to handle going to the dentist. I would literally be sick prior to going and for a few days after going from anxiety. As a young adult I dealt with this by just not going.

As I started approaching my 4O’s I began to have some issues and it came to the point that I had to see someone again, as much as I did not want to. I was talking to a family member and was referred to your practice. I made my first appointment with you and told the receptionist about my fears and anxiety about even coming to see you. She was so pleasant on the phone and reassuring that this would be the best place for me to go and that Dr. Dan would help me get over my fears.

From the very first time I came in to see you, you had a way of making me feel very comfortable. Every member of your staff that I have worked with has been nothing short of amazing. In the past four years I have had a multitude of dental work done that should have been done probably 20 years ago, but I absolutely could not do it. Not only have I gotten it all done, but as I reflect back on my experience with you and your staff, I do not even have anxiety about going in anymore. I remember coming home after having one of quite a few crowns placed and telling my husband I was so able to relax, I pretty much fell asleep while I was being worked on. Truly, if you had any idea how severe my “fear” of being at the dentist was in my younger years, you would be amazed that I can go, be relaxed and not even have a fear prior to going in.

In the time I have been having my dental work done; Dr. Dan has also had to refer me to other specialists for additional work that needed to be done. I feel I must compliment him on this aspect of his practice as well. Even the people I have been referred to have been very, very wonderful people to work with and help me. Dr. Dan just seems to take so much care and pride in being a person that you can be comfortable and relax with. He understands the issues and fears that people sometimes have to deal with and does everything in his power to help you get past these."



"Awesome Staff"


“I was somewhat skeptical when Dr. Dan first talked to me about equilibration following my orthodontic treatment. I had already gone through a long process of closing spaces and aligning my bite, and I was worried about removing anything from my natural teeth. It turned out I was very glad to get the final equilibration done. There were of course cosmetic changes – (evening of teeth), but what I really noticed was the many ‘small’ functional annoyances were gone. I was no longer nervously tapping a couple of teeth together, and my biting surfaces felt more ‘locked in’ – all without any new tooth sensitivities. Very satisfied!”



"I liked it after my first visit. I felt comfortable with the hygienists and Dr. Dan."


"Because of all the excellent care I have been given by all who have worked on my teeth - Thank you!"


"Dr. Dan set me up with a dental splint over 8 years ago. I honestly believe wearing this splint at night significantly improved the quality of my life.  Let me say that again, my life is much better now because of the splint.

I used to wake up with jaw and tooth pain almost daily.  I was starting to have fractures in the enamel of my teeth, and old fillings were failing from my clenching my teeth while I slept.  I was wearing my teeth out. The noise of me grinding my teeth together  would wake my wife up during the night. 

Wearing the splint at night changed all of this for the better.  Waking up free from the tooth and jaw pain was like a miracle. I did not realize how much pain I was having until it went away.  I am very sure that wearing the splint nightly has let me avoid many dental problems that would have popped up without the splint.  I think it took me a week or two to get used to wearing the splint.   Now I would not go to sleep  without it. 

I tell Dr. Dan and his staff that the splint is my most important possession.  If the house is on fire I am going to grab it on the way out the door.   That may be a bit of an overstatement, but it is important, I do not go anywhere overnight without it.  I still wear the original one they made for me.  If Dr. Dan suggests you try one, I would strongly encourage you to try.  It is one of the best things I ever did. "



"Nice appearance and location brought me in; pleasantness of care has kept me here."


"Personal attention and respect given by employees (i.e. not talking down to me when my visit doesn’t go well)"


"Great Staff. I like Dr. Dan. He does good work, and he’s no nonsense if it can be put off he tells me, if it has to be done, he tells me"


"Friendly, relaxing, clean environment, great service and care"


"The hygienists are gentle and fun to be around"


"Dr. Dan, I'd follow him, he made me not afraid of dentists!"


"I like the hygienist and the doctor"


"Wow! [Dr. Dan] is not only a Pankey Dentist…he is a cosmetic artist…He did an awesome job!"


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