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Patients often present to the office stating that they have TMJ. The fact is, we all have two TMJs.  The term TMJ is referring to the name of the jaw joint, also known as the temporomandibular joint, which is located just in front of the ears. When patients have pain or problems in the areas around this joint they most often have been told by some type of health care provider that they have TMJ. The fact is that there are many things diagnosed by healthcare professionals that are not disorders of the jaw joint, yet they are all bundled up into this one term. Actual TMJ disorders do exist and should be properly diagnosed and treated, yet other problems can cause pain for patients in the area of the joint and need to also be diagnosed and treated properly.

Pain in this joint area can be caused by any of the following conditions;

1) Swollen or inflamed joint tissues
2) Torn or damaged cartilage in the joint
3) Teeth not fitting together in the position where the joint is in its proper anatomic alignment
4) Muscle over-activity and spasm

Dr. Mengedoth possesses the proper training and expertise to correctly diagnose and treat the variable issues associated with facial pain in the area of the joint. It is imperative that the correct records and testing be done in order to determine if the problem is in the joint itself, is in the muscles of the face and jaw, or if it is a factor of how the teeth fit together. Finding this out allows the doctor to develop a treatment plan for correcting the pain and fixing the underlying problem.

After the comprehensive evaluation of the patient, a treatment plan is fabricated and could include some or all of the following:

1) Home care instruction
2) Medication
3) Physical therapy
4) Splint therapy
5) Equilibration
6) Orthodontics
7) Occlusal reconstruction

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