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Through the comprehensive gathering of information at the new patient appointment, Dr. Mengedoth has the opportunity observe any signs of adverse or accelerated wear patterns on the patient’s teeth. He will evaluate the patient to see if there is instability with where the jaw joint is directing the lower jaw to position, versus where the teeth actually fit together. When patients have two bites, there is a constant fight between the joint, the muscles, and the teeth as to where a person should be directing their jaw. This causes people to slide back and forth between the bites, wearing the teeth and or joint in the process.

Symptoms and signs of bite discrepancies:

1) Accelerated tooth wear
2) Tooth mobility
3) Gingival recession
4) Tooth hypersensitivity
5) Tension headaches
6) Facial pain
7) TMJ popping, clicking or locking

By changing the shapes or positions of the teeth it is possible to alleviate many of the problems that patients present with on a routine basis in our office. Allowing teeth to contact all at the same time and along the longest axis of the tooth yields the best distribution of force and reduces muscle activity as well as inflammation in the TMJ. With the combination of equilibration and orthodontics, Dr. Mengedoth and his chosen specialists are able to deliver beautiful functionally predictable smiles.

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June 18, 2021

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