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Dr. Dan wants to know you as a unique individual and allow you to discover together all of the possibilities for improved health, function, and appearance of the smile. We begin our new patient relationship in a way that allows us to understand your wants and needs. The initial comprehensive examination is scheduled with Dr. Dan so he can customize your care for your specific situation. A comprehensive examination is far more involved than the regular periodic exam that you may have come to expect at other offices. In order to reach a complete understanding of your present state we will reserve one hour and thirty minutes for your initial comprehensive appointment, during which time you may expect the following:

1) Introduction to our energetic staff
2) Discussion of your feelings and concerns regarding past and future dental care
3) Review of your medical history
4) Oral Cancer screening
5) Periodontal screening
6) Temporomandibular joint evaluation
7) Muscle examination
8) Occlusal (bite) examination
9) Esthetic evaluation of the smile

We collect and gather all of the necessary records for each individual patient, including study models, facial and oral digital photographs, and any necessary radiographs that would assist in appropriate diagnosis and treatment. Before advising you on treatment Dr. Dan will invest the time to study all of the gathered information and form a life plan that addresses your concerns and any uncovered health problems. To allow Dr. Dan the time needed to study your information we will invite you back a few weeks later for a one hour consultation appointment that will allow him to share his findings in an interactive and private setting.

Precision Dentistry: ⇓

As professionals employed with Dr. Mengedoth’s team, we are required to pursue precision in our work. We have established relationships over the course of years with both the dental laboratory and area specialists to try to fulfill our mission of providing the highest level of oral health care.

Our area dental specialists have partnered with us to ensure consistent delivery of the highest quality of care. Dr. Mengedoth meets regularly with his team of specialists in order to sequence complex and esthetic casework. We want our patients to feel that they are still under our core value of excellent care even when they need to receive that care in another office.

Our dental lab which is used for the esthetic dental reconstructions with crowns, bridges, implant restorations, and veneers also shares our passion for precision and excellence. The use of a small team of qualified technicians working on every case requiring dental lab work has been integral in developing consistency and predictability as well as beauty in our permanent dental restorations.

The doctor constantly strives for excellence with wearing high powered magnification to perform the dental microsurgery during the restorative process. He uses dental photography to magnify the teeth and diagnose the conditions which may escape the human eye during a typical dental examination.

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