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One of the most frequent comments we hear is that patients would really like a brighter or whiter smile. And often times it is easier than one would think. Bleaching is one of the quickest and safest ways to achieve a smile with a little “POP”.

It is safe, quick and inexpensive. In two short appointments we will fabricate custom fit trays over your teeth and deliver the whitening material with instructions for use.

With only 30 minutes of wear each day you will immediately notice the brightening of your teeth. The material is held in intimate contact with your teeth through use of the custom fit tray. The trays are comfortable to wear and can easily be used even when speaking. The material to whiten the teeth will not harm the enamel or the existing dental work in your mouth. And the best thing is that when the teeth reach the desired shade for each patient, they only require periodic touch-up sessions for one or two days at a time.

In many cases the bleaching can deliver the desired results patients have for the shade of their teeth and the brightness of the smile. In cases of severe and intrinsic stain and discoloration crowns, veneers, and bonding may be necessary. Because of the low cost and overall effectiveness of bleaching, it is almost always worth the investment to see if it can reach the results the patient is looking for.

We often have patients ask, what is the difference between over the counter products and our system?

The intimate adaptation of the custom fabricated bleaching trays along with the prescription strength of the bleaching materials allows the products in the office to be the most effective for most patients. Over the counter products are periodically recommended for patients who only desire a minimal change in the shade of their smile.

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